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About Us

Careful consideration is given to every ingredient to ensure that we are nurturing our customers with quality food and supporting our local community and economy. We source many of our ingredients from local farms and organic suppliers and we do not cut corners. If we are skeptical about the quality of any ingredient, we simply do not use it. In a globalized world where even “natural” food is over-processed, our customers can feel confident that what they are eating is healthy, delicious, and wholesome.

Founder and Baker

Linda Beg

I’ve always been passionate about cooking healthy foods. The definition of healthy can be confusing these days, especially with the rise of refined and manufactured foods, and without laws requiring labeling of GMO ingredients. In addition, food allergies and sensitivities of many kinds can make meal planning and preparation very challenging.

Starseed Bakery Products simplify your meal planning by offering baked goods that are healthy, delicious, and accommodating of food sensitivities.

How it all started

In recent years, many of my friends and family members began experiencing intolerances to foods with gluten, dairy, and soy. They sent me on a quest to make great tasting breads, muffins and desserts that they could enjoy without worrying about every ingredient. The word soon spread to others who were in search of tasty breads and desserts that accommodated their dietary needs, and I became overwhelmed with requests. While many requests came from people with food allergies and intolerances, others came from people who simply found that they feel much better when they eliminate these common food allergens from their diet.

Whether you have a medical diagnosis or voluntarily choose to eliminate many of the common food allergens from your diet, there are many wonderful Starseed Products that you can enjoy. Stop by the stores listed on our Retailers Page to enjoy our many fresh baked breads and treats or visit our own outlet shop in Rockaway, NJ at 100 Hibernia Avenue. Check out our Products Page for our current offerings and seasonal specialties.


~ Linda

I ordered a cake for my son's 3rd birthday. We were going to celebrate at his school, hence there were restrictions. Nut-free. It was so difficult to find a nut-free cake! Finally found this gem! We had a Rescue Bot themed party, so wanted the cake to have a bot on it or the entire cake to be a rescue bot. Linda was very helpful. She sent us few images and how it can be done. Price was reasonable. We paid $85 for a 20 person cake. I was skeptical initially to be honest, but it turned out to be so delicious! Sorry I doubted it! The teachers even asked where we bought it so that other parents could get it from the same place if they want to. Happily recommended it to them. Thank you Linda for making a memorable cake for my son. He loved it! and so did we! Keep baking! 🙂

– Sneha Hirendra Varman

I ordered a 3 tier cake for my daughter's 18th birthday. It was vanilla and chocolate vegan cake. It looked fantastic and tasted even better. Everybody enjoyed it and I shared the bakery address with some guests that couldn't believe that a vegan cake could be so delicious. Thank you so much!

– Iwona Pietrus

First time in this Bakery, absolutely incredible. My first purchase was brownies, blueberry muffins, and Rosemary and Thyme dinner rolls. Of course I samples all of them immediately! The brownies were yummy chewy and not cakey at all! The muffins were moist and yummy! And those dinner rolls were my absolute favorite! They literally tastes like Thanksgiving! I will absolutely be back for more especially those rolls !!

– Melanie Torres