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I am just a little over a year diagnose with celiac’s disease, I couldn’t be more excited to have been told about this business, and finding all of the things that they offer. I Purchased, an Italian loaf of bread, some muffins and a mixed berry coffee cake that I’m over the moon about, I almost ate the entire coffee cake because it was So good! I even put an early order in for my Thanksgiving desserts, which I am so excited about as well! The service was great and the girl at the counter was helpful and friendly. I will be back for sure!
Lee Canavan
It was love at first glance - Challah bread -the absolute best for making French Toast. Then my eyes found the chocolate cupcakes -without sugar (also my preference) so I grabbed a package of two. And who could resist chocolate chip cookies - also sugar free? So far I’ve sampled the cupcakes - delicious and made the long-awaited healthy French Toast - also amazing. Later today I will share the guilt-free cookies with my grand babies - that will be the true test!
Carol Fouad
I don't know how they make vegan desserts free of all the things I can't have so dang good! My momma LOVED her Mothers Day Chocolate cake!! We haven't had cake as a family in YEARS! I absolutely love this place! It's so good I need to limit my visits.. 🤣
Heather Engelsman
I ordered a 3 tier cake for my daughter's 18th birthday. It was vanilla and chocolate vegan cake. It looked fantastic and tasted even better. Everybody enjoyed it and I shared the bakery address with some guests that couldn't believe that a vegan cake could be so delicious. Thank you so much!
Iwona Pietrus
My family and I absolutely love Starseed Bakery! The owner Linda is extremely accommodating, and the cakes are delicious! Party guests can’t believe they are eating a gluten and dairy free cake, and always comment on the flavors and freshness of the ingredients. What I especially love is that they use Organic and Non-GMO ingredients unlike most bakeries! Not only are the sweets here amazing, but the breads are too! Just brought home an Italian Baguette and can't believe how amazing it tastes! We order multiple cakes here every year and are never disappointed. Everything I've purchased freezes great and I tend to stock up so I always have Starseed on hand. Will be back again very soon!
Toni R
What a wonderful bakery! We have allergies in out family and we have tried many a allergy friendly bakery! Starseed is the best! Their vanilla cake is just very yummy! Their Everything Bagels are just delicious! I appreciate all the work they put into making many types of allergy free baked goods accessible to us! Thank you!
Kathy Morelli

Our Commitment

All of our baked goods are 100% Gluten Free, GMO Free, Organic and Free of Pesticides for healthier living.